Zerthwind Svy

Book of Z

This site is my book of mirrors, my outlet good or bad. I’m a metalworker/welder, electronics hobby, learning woodworking, gardening, occult, and other. I will be posting many different things on this site as time goes on.

1416192550036Before you judge the occult part please learn what the occult means. The word occult means “hidden from sight” and the occult is not just one system but many sciences. Many old occult sciences are now common place  like astrology, herbalism,  chemistry, and others.

So Far Until some light snow.

Still early in the season but past the last frost… so I thought. Last night I got into the low 30s and light snow with high winds. I’m going to have to watch and see if the plants will make it. The seeds planted should be okay but it hasn’t got to the point that warms the ground to germinate them. It’s been wet, I hope not too wet for the seeds in the ground, I don’t need them to decide to rot.

20200425_144412I ran a coat hanger along the line I planted the carrots so I know where they are coming up.

20200503_141543 I been covering my tomato plant along with the Bell Pepper plants every night so far since planted over a week ago. I got a batch of tomato plants started from seeds that I’m waiting another week to plant.

20200503_141523I laid down a foundation for a small greenhouse made out of repurposed storm windows. I’m going to cover that build in a later segment.

Full with dirt

I Filled each bed with a mix of top soil, garden soil and mixing in one bag of hummus to set for a week. I would prefer a bit longer but other issues took my time. 



There hasn’t been many good days yet but I made due with what I had. I’m back to work this week and will work on this site more after work and work on the garden more this weekend.


I built this feature to place planters on.


I’ve got a flower bed to build for my wife and to honor all the first responders for the COVID-19 virus. I know my garage siding needs work too.


So far this is what I got to plant. It looks like this coming weekend will be good both days. I got to go get our bell pepper plants and tomato plants then and plant.

Stay safe and blessed be…