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Book of Z

This site is my book of mirrors, my outlet good or bad. I’m a metalworker/welder, electronics hobby, learning woodworking, gardening, occult, and other. I will be posting many different things on this site as time goes on.

1416192550036Before you judge the occult part please learn what the occult means. The word occult means “hidden from sight” and the occult is not just one system but many sciences. Many old occult sciences are now common place  like astrology, herbalism,  chemistry, and others.

My Blog of the COVID-19 virus “vacation”

It’s March 2020 about the 3rd and the coronavirus was still ha hoax to most conservatives. most people were taking it serious from what they read from other countries.

About March 9th I went into work and said my wife wasn’t feeling well so I found  out work took it serious and sent me home to get tested and a doctors note. I soon found out both are extremely hard to get at this point in time. I was able to return to work a week later and found out I can use all my vacation time (4 weeks) plus a added two weeks paid then I can apply for a medical leave until this is over or at lest not as bad. I had pneumonia a couple of times in my life and have some lung scaring from that.

I took the month off and plan on doing assorted yard and house work.

Our 2 cats

Hello  all,  these are our two cats. 100_1710

                                                                Salem and Mystique