A quick update

My area is still experiencing night frost with possible snow Friday night and another frost potential Tuesday.

More later, stay healthy.

More done

With a rain day, I’m back at it to complete the secondary garden.


I’m going with the raised garden method. I’m going to grow pumpkins and make a second 4 foot by 4 foot box for watermelons. I’m also going to add more boxes for other vegetables. I’ve got other boxes that I built years ago.



I’ve got these tp prep too. I also got an auto water system with a drip water system to build too.



I also got plans on setting up a flower bed for my wife by her rose bush.


Still, early April and the projected last frost date is April 15th in my area.


I plan on setting up my grill too.

The start of the expanded garden.

I started a few days ago working in between the rain and cold, its early April right now.


Due to the availability of many standard foods, I plan on making a slightly bigger garden this year.


I’m doing a 10’ x 17’ plot here, that stump is a lot of work to remove at this time.


I got to make this woodchuck proof too.


The fence is 5” tall and I added a short fence at the bottom bent into an ‘L’ and buried about a foot deep all around to resist critters from digging under the fence.