I’ve been reading occult-related books for about three years now, Jan 2017 at the writing of this. I’ve been getting a good grasp of many of the subjects and concepts With more to learn.
I do know that my opinion of what I read is my interpretation of what I read and see. This is going to be a log of my journey. This will be a work in the process like life is a work in process.

I’ve been an atheist most of my life but that didn’t seem to fit. About 50-51 I read some article on-line about Wicca and there was a sentence in the article that read “you’ll know your on the right path by recognizing the road signs”. From that point on I read anything I came across on the subject.

The path I’ve been following is an eclectic path, a well-rounded understanding of the occult systems. I came to realize that the occult isn’t one system or path. In fact, the occult is many systems and many paths, the journey is vast and interesting.

This journey is bringing me threw many religions, witchcraft, astrology, herbalism, alchemy, mystic, and more. I’m not into the conspiracy stuff deeply because I can see that many of the groups (masons, Illuminati, etc) are cults using some occult knowledge to con people and are not the occult.

Subject to change with the more I learn.
The system that I put together for me so far and working with is A energy as God(dess) that is known by many names. Has a geed, evil, masculine & feminine sides.

Please remember that I am just a beginner in this field.